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Photographer Fredrik Broman started Aurora Safari Camp inspired by African bush camps. At such a camp you are really remote but still in comfort. Nothing like that existed here in the north. It's the first tented glampsite of it's kind in the world made to host guests in comfort also in arctic winter climate.

Jonas Gejke moved to Kenya 1993 to work with a variety of camps and lodges and tours. Fredrik moved there in 1998, met Jonas, worked with Jonas concepts for many years and got inspired to develop operations in Sweden. Fredrik started phototours with guest around East Africa and then took the concept with guided phototours back to Swedish Lapland after a couple of years. Timing was now right and he builded the Aurora Safari Camp to add to the arctic photo tour experience in 2013.

Now both Jonas and Fredrik has a home base in Råne River Valley, Swedish Lapland from where their companies designs lots of experiences for travellers both in Africa and here in Arctic Sweden with the Aurora Safari Camp as a crown jewel.


At the camp you are well taken care of by our experienced guide team to get the most out of your stay in Swedish Lapland.


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