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The Floating Sauna suite!  Open from 15th of May to 20th of October 2022


At the floating suite you are all private in a hidden bay of a large lake in Råne River valley. Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, fishing, good food and steaming sauna sessions on this floating paradise. Also swimming is great. Even if we are fat north, summers are quite warm and you can expect water temperatures between 18-25C.  

An out of this world experience! Perfect for a couple, a group of friends, or a family. All of you can do your thing, from the same place. Relax in a hammock with a drink, or go fishing with a canoe and catch a pike! 


We have a 2 night package that is great, with a private chef included! CONTACT US for details.


Aurora Safari Camp Summer season 25th July to 20th October 2022.


A stay at Aurora Safari Camp in summer is a complete contrast to a stay in the winter. As the winter does summer varies in character a lot. Early summer in May/June gives us 24H daylight for example and later in summer the dark skies at night returns and we have northern light chances again from mid August. 

Instead of skiing and snowmobiling we do canoeing, kayaking, boat trips, hiking and swim around the sauna that now is floating instead of being freezed into the ice of the lake. We go to rocky beaches and make art out of driftwood and fish for perch and pike in the river. We can do excursions to do whitewater rafting, go to streams and waterfalls or just chill on a floating raft and enjoy the arctic sun and good food cooked outdoor style on open fire.

Welcome to experience the arctic summer with us!


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